Thursday, July 12, 2007

Odd Abbreviation...

Dear Reader,

Rented a very nice Nissan Sentra on our vacation. But it had an odd abbreviation on the middle console which could have been interpreted in several ways..

The middle console with gearshift and other knobs and dials looks standard:

Now focus in on the abbreviation above the center knob above the gearshift: this :

1. A delicate way to provide an "outlet" for someone who has consumed too many beans recently?

2. A warning that suffocation could be imminent and to share the one airbag with the others (unlike in a plane which will give everyone a bright orange nosebag when cabin pressure is lost?)?

Of course, I think I know what it really stands for, but there was plenty of room to write it out completely! And, it was also completely written out on the dashboard in front of the passenger seat so it was also redundant.

Look for the silliness in life...sometimes where you least expect it!!

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