Monday, August 27, 2007

Cactus Blooming at Night

This cactus in our front yard gives new meaning to the words "Bloom where You are Planted." This is the first bloom of this year, it's at least 10 inches across...last year, on one evening, there were 13 blooms! But, yes, the magnificent bloom only lasts one night, opening in the darkness and then it closes with the sunlight. It gives a spectacular performance for just a short moment. But, remember, the cactus itself lives on, readying itself for the next season of blossoms. The heat, the storms, the drought...all this it lives through and then launches the bright bloom.

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AnnieElf said...

I have a friend in TX who has a frontyard FULL of these gorgeous blooming seguaros. Lucky you to have such a beauty.

Thanks for visiting today. It was very nice meeting you.