Monday, September 24, 2007

You've Got Real Mail !!

Here's the basic design. Utilitarian. Works just fine...but read on...

Yes it's jokingly referred to as "snail mail" now, but the Proud Postal Service mail box is still alive and kicking, still patiently waiting at the curb for a non-virtual letter or delightful catalogue or GASP! a package!! Sadly, it collects many bills and "YOU Quality for 0% Interest!" junk...but the DELETE key for this spam is the trash/recycle can next to the desk, or the delicious ripping sound of the paper shredder!

Yes, the mailbox still exists and I thought it might be a fun game to take pictures of the unusual, the beautiful, the odd way that people have decorated these basic pieces of tin. So I took a walk just around my block to find how some people have created their statements to the world...

What about the former farmer who doesn't need
the tractor anymore...but still thinks of John Deere
as a Dear Friend?

Or the military man who brought home a small souvenir
of a long ago attack. I always wonder why it ticks, though.

Or the serious beer drinker who had one keg too many?!

Do YOU know of any interesting mailboxes? If you'd like, send a picture to me via e-mail (shhhh, don't tell your mailbox), so I can collect them on this blog.

Have a fun day and I hope you find something great in YOUR mailbox, either real or virtual!!


PEA said...

You do have some very interesting mailboxes around your block!! I'm still giggling at the ticking one! lol I'm afraid we have very boring mailboxes here because what we have are called "community mailboxes"...our mail is not delivered door to door in the small town I live in, we have to go pick it up at one of those community mailboxes half way up the street. I will send you a picture to show you what I mean:-) xox

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I hope it isn't ticking!!!
Is it going to go postal????

Dirty Knees said...

Alas like Pea, we have community mailboxes in my village too. Look at all the fun we're missing!

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is a fun post!
My mailbox is a big basket that hangs on my front porch, and I'm horrified daily at all of the junk mail that it receives. It goes straight from the porch to recycling, and seems such a waste of resources to me.
Thank you for your lovely comments. I enjoy them very much!
Take care.