Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year Thought for the Day

These words were in an e-mail sent to me by a lovely friend. I think they are two simple sentences with deep meaning:

"If you look at what you do not have in life, then you do not have anything. If you look at what you have in life, then you have everything."

Be aware; Be grateful. Laugh whenever possible. We're on page 2,008 in our Adventure of Life...imagine the plot twists that will unfold here! J.K. Rowlings has nothing on you, 'cause you're living your own best seller, New York Times #1 for over (insert age times 52 here) weeks in a row!!


Kara Dunn said...

Hi Elizabeth Ann. I saw your comment on Mima's blog. I too have MS. Such an awful disease. I am fortunate though, 15 years after diagnosis I am still walking. I did have to give up a teaching career I loved, but found a new career in writing. I love your quotes for 2008.

Mima said...

Hi Elizabeth,

It is really nice to meet someone with MS, and also to meet someone who understands what you are going through without having to explain - what a relief. I do try my best with the blog to tell people what it is like, but its impossible!!

Thanks for all your kind wishes, and I love the quotes too (waves to Kara), all the best for the New Year, I hope that it brings you lots of really good things.

Mima said...

I am having a better day today, I didn't need painkillers until mid-afternoon, so a real step in the right direction, I have just got to be good and quiet and rest up - fine when my brain is feeling fuzzy, but I get bored when my brain is awake & want to do stuff!!

I have just finised House season 3, and next up is CSI, luckily when I am fuzzy I am no good at all at remembering the endings, so it is a bit like watching it all over again!!! I like the fact that each episode is only 45 minutes & then I can have a rest.

Hope that you are having a good day!

Kara Dunn said...

Mima, too funny about the fuzzy brain and not remembering the endings. Mostly I fall asleep, so even reruns are interesting to me!

Hope you're having a wonderful day and feeling well Elizabeth! Thanks for popping over to my blog. Do come and visit now and again.

Mrs. G. said...

I love this. Thank you.

PEA said...

Oh where, oh where did our Elizabeth go??? It's Sunday, Feb. 24th and have been worried about you...hope you can post something soon to let us know you're ok. xox