Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Warning: Pun Picture Ahead...

I think that once I get a really good camera, I'll be able to take a rather bland little birdie picture like this:

And turn it into a really de-tailed picture like this:


No harming of any bird was done for this picture; nor any clever use of photoshop...this little guy shows up every morning for his seed breakfast and flys just as well and fast as his tailed buddies. He might have had a close encounter with a cat. I feel cheered when I see him because he's getting through life with a major handicap. May you have many good days ahead of you, little birdie!


Mima said...

He is a really cute little guy, and I am glad that he is just as able as his friends even if he does look a little peculiar!

Sandra said...

What a sweet photo :)

Mima said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Sometimes I feel really certain about what I am feeling and then other times the writing actually helps me to work it out, or get it out of my system. Support is so gratefully received, and I think it is so difficult for most people to understand how hard the struggle is to stay independent and not become a burden on those that you love. Sometimes it is just unavoidable, but it really adds and extra pressure doesn't it!

Thanks anyway for your kind words, and I hope that the move is going well for your parents, but I'm sorry that they are going to be further away from you, I'm sure that you are going to miss them, and that takes, yup you got it, spoons!

Sending some extra's in your direction right now, we really need a virtual spoon that we can share around, although I think that a lovely message from someone who understands feels a bit like that!


greenmoss & sunny said...

Elizabeth, I call those the boring brown birds at my house. There are sooooo many! Check out my new blog. Travel is important to me but harder and harder due to the MS. Maybe you have similar tales to tell?