Monday, October 20, 2008

Promising to Come Back as Soon as I can...

It's been awhile since my last post and I miss putting things up here, but the reason I've had to take a long break is that we're MOVING and moving big...long distance from Arizona to Mississippi!!

We're in the midst of packing and sorting and packing some more. The professional packers arrive next week and then we leave right after Halloween, a favorite holiday that we couldn't miss spending with our dear friends here.

So, I'll see you sometime in later November, once I figure out how to hook-up to the internet, while living on an acre in the country! I've been a city girl for so long...!

P.S. I know this area of Mississippi because it is my husband's growing up place, and we have visited every year since we were marrried 15 years ago. He has LOTS of family and Dear Daughter will have cousins nearby. It's very beautiful, green, trees, actual lakes. So different from our emotions are kind of all over the board...from looking happily forward, to looking wistfully back. I'll be so glad when we are there and concentrating on settling down.

Peace be with you all and have a Happy Halloween.


PEA said...

Hello dear Elizabeth:-)

I wish you the very best of luck in your move...I can imagine how much you'll miss your friends but once you've moved to Mississippi, you'll be so happy to be nearer family. An acre in the country...sounds just about perfect:-) Will miss you so hurry back online!! xoxo

Mima said...

That sounds like a huge move, but lots of wonderful new things to experience if you are moving to the country for the first time - will you have a go at growing your own veg, it is great fun to watch them & then get to eat them.

I plant the seeds into little pots in bed with a plastic sheet, and someone else has to put them into the ground for me when they are big enough, but I do get to eat them!!

You will also be able to have a bird feeder & see all the birds that come.

I really hope that you enjoy it when you move even though it will be a big lurch to start with.

Thinking about you

Mickle in NZ said...

Hello Elizabeth. I found your blog thanks to dear Mima.

Hope the move goes smoothly. From Arizona to one acre in Mississippi - will you need to buy a lawn mower?

Care and huggles, Michelle in NZ

Greenmoss and Sunny said...

I am endlessly amazed about your survival in hot places. Good job!

Mima said...

I hope that the move has gone well, and that you are happily settled in your new home!

*** Kelly Maria said...

Just came by to say, You have been "TAGGED"!! All you have to do is list 6 things about yourself, and then tag 6 other people!!
Beautiful Blessings to you!! ~ Kelly Maria

PS!! Hope You are doing okay and praying you are moved and starting to settle into your new home.

Mickle in NZ said...

Sending positive, super happy thoughts and thunks, that all is progressing upwards in your new home place. And Progressing well, or at least okay.

And my punctuation is appalling!

With love, and sincere care, sending wellness thoughts and concern.... so have you bought a ride on lawn-mower?

Best I keep away from it - despite geting my driving license, I don't drive from choice and respect for my own and other drivers safety!

Much care, concern, love and hope, from Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand, just for you.

*** Kelly Maria said...

Wishing you many Christmas Blessings this year and many more to come. Hope you and yours are settling in to your new home, and are able to celebrate a little Christmas. It has been a real gift getting to know you through our blogs, and hope that we can even more in months to come. You take care and know you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Beautiful Christmas Blessing to you!!~ Kelly Maria

Mickle in NZ said...

Michelle again - have you found the Christmas decorations amongst the various boxes? Hope you have a very happy, joyous and peaceful Christmas.

Does it ever snow in Mississippi?

Take care and enjoy the season - the remaining boxes will look after themselves,

love and huggles Michelle and sleeping Zebbycat

(word verification = negalin - doesn't that just sound like another daft name drug manufacturers dream up. Dream them up ours selves and we could find a whole new lucrative career - LOL and super care, M&Z)