Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome to MY Birthday!

In the United States, tomorrow, February 16, is a Federal Holiday...the official reason is that it celebrates the birthdays of two past Presidents, Washington and Lincoln...however, it is a bit of a sham because neither man was born on this date! It is a government decree, a combined day always occuring on a Monday to assure a 3-day weekend to celebrate every year. And back in my working life, I was glad for it.

However, that's all well and good, but THIS YEAR I am claiming the day as my very own because this is my exact birthday (February 16, mark it down), no kidding around and moving target dates! Yes, my birthday is a National Holiday where the banks and government offices are closed, and no mail is delivered. All in MY honor (this year on February 16, are you catching this? *smile*). How cool is that???!!!

And to top it off, I was ALMOST a Valentine Baby!! (I try to look for the best in every situation LOL.)

Thank you dear friends for sharing my blog and now my Birthday...hope this day for you is special and fun!

Oh and my mom tells me that 49 years ago was a VERY snowy, icy night in Chicago!


Mickle in NZ said...

Super Happy Birthday,
dear Elizabeth.

Isn't it nice when your birthday is a holiday too. Mine also is here when it lands on a Monday. Confess that as a child I never had to go to school on my b-day either as was summer holidays. Then the workforce hit me - LOL.

Hope you're having a lovely day, and that friends and family are pampering and spoiling you rotten - is so deserved.

Huggles and love, Michelle and Zebbycat (nose buried in a fluffy scarf) xxx

Tins and Treasures said...

Happy Birthday! Yes, we are all home here today too. We will celebrate a little on your behalf. Have a great day. Natalie

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday, we're also all home today :)

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Elizabeth
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu!!!

Wow, it's Family Day here in Canada today so all the stores, businesses, etc. are closed I know it's really all in honour of your birthday!!!! hehe xoxo

Raggedy Girl said...

I somehow missed this yesterday but I have been sick....


Roberta Anne

Kelly Maria said...

I am just now seeing this!! I have not been on the computer since Saturday.
Anyway..... I hope you had a really wonderful birthday!!!
Beautiful Blessings~
Kelly Maria

Mississippi Songbird said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful week too..

Anonymous said...

Hey there Liz! Hope you had an absolutely terrific birthday - you truly do deserve it. Take care of you and know that I miss YOU lots! Think of you often! Give my love to Ms. Amanda and Mr. Mark!
Love ya, Donna

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