Thursday, September 20, 2007

Watching over us...

These little teddy bears are the result of "Happy Meals" from you know where (!) and they found their way to gather below these beautiful angels which are gifts from a wonderful neighbor. I began to think that it would be a very special idea if we were watched over by both Angels and Teddy Bears. The loving angel of our heart and the warm, fuzzy bear to hold and whisper secrets, absorb tears and share laughter.

(Please click on the picture and see the details.)

Did you have a favorite Teddy Bear or maybe several (and maybe you still have him!)? Did he have a name?

Have a beautiful day today, dear readers, and a Big Bear Hug to you!


PEA said...

I believe in angels...and I believe in teddy bears...and yes, they certainly do watch over us:-) I have a few special teddy bears here and there in my home and whenever I feel down I'll hug one tight...always makes me feel better. When I was a couple of years old I had a yellow and brown teddy bear...I can't remember his name but I do remember the colour! lol xox

Naturegirl said...

Elizabeth Ann: I love angels ..they surround me and the garden and teddys as well.. who can't resist..I have a collection..that wear pearls!

I see that you are from AZ! My son is living out there and I visit every winter/ fact I did a 2 part post featuring your wonderful ~spring in the desert~..
see part I and II..Apr.30/o7

Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself to me!! Nice to meet you! Oh and I see Pea up above has visited! Hi Pea! hugs NG