Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time to play!

I took a walk today to a nearby park and discovered that the Parks Department had constructed this play-station, which I think is beautiful...the colors and the special ideas for a child's imagination to run with are great...Let's take a look around and see where YOU would like to play!

Take a closer look:
For those those who like the traditional approach, here are the slides, side by side and WAVY:
Now, how many of you like to CLIMB up the slide, instead of slide down?? Here's one with toe-holds AND hand-holds...this would be EASY! (And everybody at the top wouldn't be mad because you were holding them up from SLIDING, 'cause that would hurt coming down!)
Would you want to be a Princess in your castle? ... Or a Knight defending your castle from marauders?...:
How about "Keeping House", with a mailbox, a porchlight and flowers in the windowbox?:

Or an engineer? Just turn the black nob at the top and watch the gears spin!!:

Or a pilot? Turning the wheel ferociously to evade enemy fire...:

A view from the back...2 shorter slides, the back of the castle... now look closely and see if you can spot the 2 pictures after this one...they're for communication!YELL!!

And, *gasp* swings are still in fashion!! However one of the baby swings seems a little far off the ground...were YOU one of those bigger kids who liked to twirl the empty swing around the top pole ??!!At the end of my visit, this beautiful Vermillion Flycatcher posed!:Hope you've enjoyed this visit to the park!! Let's come back again tomorrow?!


PEA said...

What a fabulous playground...that slide is awesome! I want to play in the castle and be a princess:-) I remember spending most of my summer months at the playground while growing favourite part was sitting on a swing and spinning it until it was all wound up then putting my feet up and letting it go...wheeeeeeeeee! lol No wonder I became a dizzy blonde! hehe xox

Mrs. G. said...

What a cool play structure. I don't know who the genius is that created the slide that kids can climb UP, but he or she is BRILLIANT!

Great photos.

Mima said...

What a wonderful virtual trip out for me this afternoon - what a great play structure (and some great photos), lucky kids!