Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Early Christmas Gift

I've noticed that there've been several ladies with recent birthdays who have invited a certain Pirate to their virtual parties (Lisa for one...and her commenters were VERY happy with his presence...er presents, eh M'Ladies?!) . He seems to be popular (soft chuckle: heh-heh-heh) so as my Christmas gift to everyone who melts (like Chocolate) into this Pirates' deep, dark eyes...here is a little pre-christmas gift...

It's a catchy tune...go on sing along!!

P.S. Sorry I couldn't keep your Secret Boyfriend safe for long, Mrs. G...!!


Mrs. G. said...

Oh this IS fun. I don't mind sharing JD...he's man enough for us all.

Thanks for the link.

steph said...

Thanks for sharing!! My favorite line was about mowing the lawn without his shirt...Johnny Dirt.