Thursday, March 13, 2008

WOW! What could this mean...

(Click on the photo to get a good view) The sign says they offer an "Exciting Alternative to the Motor Vehicle Division". That caught my interest...after all a visit to the DMV is probably right up there with a visit to the dentist. And at least the dentist can give you novacaine.

The only time there might be excitement involved is on the day of your first exam and then GETTING that first License, and THEN later in life (much later) getting the title and registration for the Corvette you've dreamed of owning. Wooo-eeee!! (Then passing out when the insurance bill comes due.)

But in between all that fun the DMV (in a big city) offers a Ticket with a Number and endless uncomfortable chairs to wait it out on. And the number they are currently calling isn't even CLOSE to the one you hold in your hand. You think it is probably meant for somebody coming in next week. In fact, everybody is going up to a window except you. Nope, that part is NOT exciting, not thrilling.

So WHAT could THIS place do???

How about a ride with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. where he could show you how best to drive very, very fast in a really big oval? (Life in the fast lane)

Or hand you the reins to an 8 horse team pulling a stagecoach and then slap the lead horse into a full gallop..Giddyup! (Life without Cars)

The title search could show that your vehicle is stolen and had been used in a bank robbery, a kidnapping, and a drug-smuggling ring...they could call the F.B.I., have a SWAT team surround the isn't that FUN!

The last line on the sign says they do fingerprinting...maybe they could mistakenly I.D. your prints for a notoriously wanted criminal and call the F.B.I. and have a SWAT team surround the building, etc.,...ha-ha isn't that FUN!

Yes, I think this could all get very exciting. Just like the sign says.

And I think I'll just go get a number and sit down at the DMV. This place could be just TOO exciting for me.


Mississippi Songbird said...

I'm not a slowpoke on the road, but I don't speed, and I turn white if I'm driving in a vehicle where the driver is speeding. I don't care much for fast cars. To me, a car is just something to get me from point A to point B. I try to keep my Station wagon, but it's hard with the kids..I'm not much for the exciting FAST LANE either. i'll stick to the carpool lane..
Have a wonderful Weekend..

Mima said...

In the UK you take your test for your license and that is it as we don't have a photograph or anything else on them, so you don't need to renew! They are currently bringing in a new system, but currently there is no queuing - makes us very lucky! Good luck with your ticket & I hope that it comes up quickly.

Sandra said...

LOL you crack me up.

I don't really like driving though, I was so excited when I first got my licence and now I get annoyed if I have to drive somewhere and I STILL hate driving in freeways, highways or anywhere that has a lot of traffic....come to think of it, I would be happy if it was just ME on the road LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey you! This is Donna - finally checked out your blog - cute, very cute and Missy is getting way too Big - you have to stop feeding her! LOL! Am in Dallas this week and St. Charles next week but will call when I get back in town and we are DEFINATELY doing lunch! Take care and hope you are feeling pretty good!

greenmoss & sunny said...

Donna, I saw you referenced MS in interests. What is the nature of your interest? I am thick in the life of MS. Love the vibe of your blog.