Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh where, Oh where is Elizabeth Ann?

I'm still here! It's just that The Real World has sucker-punched me a number of times in the last 3 months. It began with about 6 weeks of an MS attack of vertigo and double vision (couldn't drive at all which threw all kind of wrenches into our daily life), then my dear step-dad went into the hospital with a diabetic wound on his foot and 11 weeks later his leg had to be removed above the knee. He came through it and will be leaving rehab next week...he is SOOOO looking forward to getting out of the hospital environment. During this time my dear mom has had, well, severe bladder problems during which she had to move through life with a catheter. She's finally found a doctor that is willing to help, so we're hopeful she'll be on the mend soon. She and I had to scout out Independent Living facilities for her and step-dad to use for the next couple of months before they move back home.

Non-stop ~~~ Non-stop~~~I'm in an elevator with no red alarm nob to pull!!

On the plus side, Spunky-Quirky-Dear Daughter graduated 7th grade with straight A's and is in summer vacation and loving the time she can spend on the computer, without worrying about bedtimes and morning alarms!

I've missed blogging and hope to be back soon...we're planning our annual trip to Mississippi to see my DHs family and there's not good computer connection there (they live in a very rural area), so it may take a few more weeks for me to get back on track. And, for pete's sake, please don't let me think that the light at the end of the tunnel is the train coming towards me!!!

Take care....Elizabeth


Mima said...

It's really good to hear from you! So sorry to hear about all the dramas that have been unfolding in your world, and I have huge sympathy for all of it. I know about vertigo as it is something I have to deal with from time to time, and I have a catheter as well, and know how difficult it is to come to terms with. As mine was going to be permanent, I now have a supra-public which means it goes in through my tummy as you then have fewer problems with it (in theory)!

Your poor Dad is going to have a lot to get used to as well, and all at once. Glad to see you back though.

greenmoss & sunny said...

Elizabeth, So sorry to see you are in the world of MS with me! Keep up the good outlook and it will serve you well. That is my theory for my survival for almost 20 years with this incomprehensible disease. My parents are also approaching the time for my generation's support. I wish you well and hope to get to know you better.


Lisa Ann said...

I have been enjoying your blog. I read that you have MS. I also have it. I will be back to visit.

Ms Cris said...

Mmmm season of bad times for bloggers around the globe. At least thats what I feel from all the blogs I read.

And hey, isnt the font size a tad too big? Or is it my eye sight?