Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8th Grade is Here

Our tradition on the first day of school is to take a snapshot where Amanda shows the grade with a finger-count. (It's not a gang sign LOL) She's in a new school this year and wears a uniform. It's a much, much smaller school than the public system she's been in and we are hoping for a happy, exciting year. She's still my little girl; I'm so proud of her...she's got a sassy sense of humor and we laugh together alot. She's also got some teenage attitude (some??!) and so we also push each other's buttons and tempers flare. But isn't that the way of it? I'm happy that she has such strength of character and expresses her strong views. They're good skills to have as life moves on.

Have a great day my dear daughter. I love you.


Kelly Maria said...

The bond between moms & daughter is truly special. Mine is 20 (I had her at 19--yes I was an infant-ha!)Sooo it is like we grew up together. Treasure each and every moment w/yours. Which I am sure you know that. It just seems like the grow up so fast. One moment they are in little "pigtails" and sundresses, next they are going off into this big world in highheels, and miniskirts. Well, mine went off in cowboy boots and girl wranglers. But you get the idea.
Thank You again for your sweet comments. I will checkout the website you shared.
Hope you have a really blessed day!!
~Kelly Maria

PEA said...

Oh, don't they just know which buttons to push! lol I remember my boys trying to see how far they could push me before I exploded! lol Your daughter is beautiful and I wish her the very best of luck with her new school and year!! xoxo

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Your daughter is a cutiepie, she will have a great year.
Mom here's a hint... they will push your buttons till they are grown with baby's of their own, it never stops but neither does the love.

Greenmoss and Sunny said...

I have the pleasure of being on the receiving end of kids Amanda's age in school. That must be my favorite age. I start in a week and you reminded me I have much to look forward to.