Sunday, August 3, 2008

Highway Driving

A few more images from the trip across the U.S. on the 4-lane divided highway system. *sigh* This is definately NOT the road less traveled. But, unfortunately, it's the fastest for Travel by Tire.

Those pillars look like good solid concrete structures. After all, they're holding up that 18-wheeler fuel truck right above our heads, right??!! No fear. gulp.

Why are we always in the wrong lane at this point?

The sign says the left lane ends...most of us have minded the sign, except for the Ryder truck up there who is counting on some kind stranger to take pity and let him in. Or he's just a highway hog.

Thanks for visiting and PLEASE, turn off your left blinker after 10 miles. :o)


Sandra said...

LOL this was a funny post. I hate driving on highways, I avoid them at all cost LOL

Greenmoss and Sunny said...

You are going to have to come up north and travel our North Cascades route (see my travel blog). Freeways are great to get where you need to go. But they don't feed the soul, do they?


Mary said...

Oh those elevated roads scare the devil out of me -- I hate heights! I actually have a recurring nightmare where I mistakenly get on one that gets higher and higher and twistier... :(

Loved your post!

Mima said...

Don't you just hate those drivers who don't pull into the lane and go driving off down the closing lane expecting to be let in - they are so annoying!