Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flower Power

Here are some images of Mississippi flowers that caught my eye...they were stupendous in on the photo to see the WOW factor!!

I tried to get this butterfly to spread his wings, but he was too interested in getting a drink of nector.

After many tries, I captured this picture of a busy bee. did this get in there??! This is from a roadside produce stand and the apples looked good enough to eat. Oh ho, that's right...that's what they're they for, not posed for a Still Life Fruit Foto!

Peace and smiles on this Wednesday.


Mary said...

Wow is right -- totally spectacular, especially in the large size!

Kelly Maria said...

Hi Elizabeth Ann!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I have been enjoying taking a peek at yours as well. The highway signs.. know them well...have a feeling you might have traveled right through my town! Live right on the border of Tx & AR. I know I-30 very well!!
Come by the blog and visit more often!
Beautiful Blessings to you !!
~Kelly Maria

Sandra said...

Oh I LOVE the photos and now you have me craving an apple....YUM.

PEA said...

Isn't it amazing how beautiful flowers can intricately made! You did great in capturing that butterfly and bee, I'm never fast enough to get a good shot at those! lol Don't you love those roadside produce stands as well!!! The apples look so delish! xoxo

Princess Of Pink said...

The apple pivture is beautiful!!

I made one with a crate full of pumpkins last year. I visited the USA for the first time and just LOVED it....the pumpkins and the USA both, hehe

Hugs from Marian, Princess of Pink.
Visit my BLOG if you like :)

Mima said...

Thank you so much for all your kind comments over the last couple of weeks, not quite blogging again, but starting to visit friends again and catch up. The flower pics are great, and I love the apples, we don't seem to have things like that (roadside stands!) is the idea that you buy a basket of apples?! Looks like fun though.