Monday, August 11, 2008

Killer Kudzu

In the Southern States there is a plant called Kudzu. It's a vine that was imported many years ago for erosion control. It is now a raging epidemic, devouring anything that stands still (huge trees, bushes, old tractors), and is VERY hard to kill. It can often be seen in horrendous fights like Godzilla and this scene which I managed to sneak up to, (they're 40 foot tall, remember) the shorter one one on the left with arms is fending off the bigger elephant-monster with the trunk and ears. It's eerie because they emit neither howl nor scream. And the slow motion effect is frightening. They're locked in battle like this for DAYS.

They don't attack humans. Unless you stand still for a day-and-a-half. Then you're fair game.


Sandra said...

That is just scary, you know I'm learning all sorts of new things in blog land today :)

Kelly said...

Well i guess that's one good thing about living in Utah where nothing grows easily! Weird plants.

Greenmoss and Sunny said...

They could use kudzu to secure dogs in pickups. I should market my ideas!