Thursday, August 7, 2008

"You ain't nothin' but a..."


And I mean that in the NICEST way (smiles)!! Aren't these guys cute? I happened to catch this photo while waiting to order breakfast in West Virginia one morning, and the window happened to be showing the drive-thru folks, and these guys were in the back of a pick-up truck...they may look kinda sad here (click on the pic to get a close-up of that first guys droopy eyes!), but believe me they were running around from one side to the other in happy glee...'cause I'm sure they knew they were going to get to BE hound-dogs in the countryside, just as soon as their owner got his morning espresso!!

I expect one of them might have been named Elvis, eh?!

Have a great Friday...smiles to all of you that are visiting me!


Thru Pink Curtains said...

the one with its toungue hanging out. what was he thinking hahha cool dogs

Sandra said...

The tongue hanging out reminds me of my pug LOL

PEA said...

Now all I can hear in my head is Elvis singing Hound Dog!!!! lol Such adorable pups, I've always liked Hound Dogs, even with their sad looks:-) Have a great weekend! xoxo