Thursday, August 28, 2008

No fish for dinner tonight...

Have you ever caught a sand trout? Most probably not, because none have been seen in many an era. They used to live in the washes of the desert, (no not the kind of wash that you put in a machine LOL), but a wash that is a dry desert streambed. and only becomes a Stream or in bigger cases a River, when there is rain. Then they become raging, dangerous torrents until the rain stops, upon which they return to being the everpresent sandy and benign "wash", home to lizards and rabbits.

Sadly, it is now fairly certain that the Sand Trout has reached extinction. A few may survive, however, as the sign says "NO FISHING FROM THE BRIDGE", so my daughter looks sadly at the sand and thinks of the end of the Sand Trout. **sigh** It's hard to be a fisherwoman in the desert.

P.S. I may have stretched the truth here just a little. **grin**


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

That's a cute post!!

PEA said...

How very interesting! I'd never heard of Sand Trout before so it was fun to read about them. What a shame they've become almost extinct now. I think your daughter will be waiting a long time on that bridge before she can fish for one! lol xoxo

Greenmoss and Sunny said...

lamenting the passing of the sand trout. they just dried up.


Mima said...

How sad that the sand trout have gone, is your weather now different (ours is!), I think a lot of things are going to become extinct with all the climate changes which is awful - especially knowing that we have caused it. Love the photo though.

I'm not really back, just visiting with friends! I am ok though, just have been having a bad patch!

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Just stopping by to say "Hello"!
Beautiful Blessings to YOU!
~Kelly Maria

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Please come by my blog. I have given you the Autumn Friendship Award!
Beautiful Blessings! Kelly Maria