Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Award... my Very First!

My heart is so very touched by being part of Kelly-Maria's life and for her to be happy to be a part of mine! Please check out her blog because she is a word-weaver of great she gently brings you into her world. Thank you so much for sending me this award...I love Autumn and am very happy to be your friend.

On another note...(tra-la-la!), I haven't been posting recently because we are in the middle of a BIG BIG move....across the state, across the country...from Arizona to Mississippi!! It has brought together all the angst and joy that such a journey of adventure brings. I'll post more as things progress, like the whys and the wherefores, and such. It will be a good thing.

Hope you are enjoying some cooler weather...and are beginning to think about what face to carve onto your pumpkin!!

Elizabeth Ann


**** said...

Well Elizabeth Ann, you have gone and done it!! (ha!) Made me all teary eyed reading your sweet words! So happy you like the little award, it is just a small gesture, but comes from a heart full of friendship!!
Praying for you and your family as you move... I know that is not always an easy feat. I hope everything goes very smoothly, and that you enjoy your new Southern home. Not sure what part of Ole Miss you are moving too??? If it is the Northen part, you must make a trip to Natchez Miss. once you are settled. This is a really neat town full of history, old Antebellum Homes, A River Boat!, etc....
Keeping You and your family in my thoughts and prayers~
Kelly Maria

Mima said...

What a huge move, I will be thinking about you and I'm wishing you all the very best through what is always a stressful time. Sorry to hear that you have been having a flare up - it is just typical that it happens at the same time as you least want it to isn't it!!

*** Kelly Maria said...

I am from Texarkana Tx/Ar.
I live on the Arkansas side, but just a hop, skip and a jump to Texas.
I have an uncle who lives in Biloxi, MS and the reason I know of Natche,z is an old friend lives across the river in Vidalia, LA.
I have been to the town once, and loved it. There is a lot of civil war history there and quaint little shops and of course the River Boat on the Mississippi, River.
Are you on the road now, or just in the beginning stages of packing up?? With a major move like that I hope you have plenty of help. I will be praying for you and your family.
Thank You again for your many sweet and kind comments. I do appreciate it so. The past 2 weeks have been a bit "trying". But things are getting better. I am determined to look to the bright side of life.
Wish you all the best on your move. Praying the Lord gives your strength, joy and peace!!
Beautiful Blessings~Kelly Maria

*** Kelly Maria said...

Sorry- Me again!!
I just scrolled down to the pic. of the antique typwriter. Is it yours?? I have one also, but mine is an Underwood, not a Remington. I found mine at an estate sale about 10 years ago for $20.00. I love it! It makes a great conversation piece, since it is not were I can REALLY use it... Why?, my kids, and nieces and nephews love it too!! ha! My littlest niece who is 6, did not even know what it was when she first saw it!! She had never seen a typwriter before, just computers...
Okay I am getting off here!!
Talk to you soon!!~Kelly Maria

*** Kelly Maria said...

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