Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's Here!

Hello 2009!! Here's the sun rising through my diningroom window.

Red is the Chinese color of luck and here's my cardinal to bring some my way! It looks like snow, but that's just a trick of the light or... my excellect photographic technique LOL

Welcome to the newest roller coaster ride: "Two-Thousand-Nine", guaranteed to be a completely unique experience, not like last year, not like next year, in fact not like anybody elses year ...!
It's your own, so please enjoy. May it bring you happiness.


PEA said...

Happy New Year, dear Elizabeth Ann:-) I'm finally back to blogging after my mini break and am having lots of fun catching up with everyone today!! I'm in awe of that magnetic Advent Calender tree, what a delightful idea!

I hope you're all settled into your new home by now?

Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2009 has to offer!! xoxo

*** Kelly Maria said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth!!!!

I hope 2009 is wonderful, peaceful full of joy and beauty for you and yours!!! One of my highlights of 2008 was getting to know you through our blogs. Hope to visit more with you in days ahead.

Beautiful NEW YEARS Blessings~
Kelly Maria

Yolanda said...

I felt the same on finding you. Isn't the internet an amazing thing.I have made dear friends through it.I look forward to getting to know you this year.