Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, I was tagged quite awhile ago by dear Kelly-Marie and here I am responding...but better late than never! I am to reveal 6 things about myself:

1. I learned to swim by taking a College Beginning Swimming was a real bonding experience to be with other "old" people who waited til their 20s to learn!

2. My blonde hair was down to my waist and I didn't cut it until in my 20's. Friends signed my high school yearbook saying "Don't EVER cut your hair!" But THEY didn't have to take care of it! It took HOURS to dry!

3. I am hooked on coffee, a complete addict. Hot, strong, high-octane, but with a swig of sugar and creamer. When I open a new coffee can, the aroma almost makes me giddy!

4. I am a cat person. I like dogs, and we have a small one right now, but love cats. Had my Nikki cat for 19 years before she passed away 2 years ago, and I'm not ready for another. To compensate, my daughter and I sponsor a cat in a No-Kill Shelter back in Tucson.

5. I am also hooked on Digital Photography. I always enjoyed taking photos with the old regular camera, but now that I can fill up a 2 mb out!

6. I am a Barry Manillow fan from 'way back. Many jokes have been said about his singing style and songs, but I love him. And I'm NOT alone!! (His concerts have sold out...LOL)

Thanks for reading! If you haven't been tagged for this and want to play, please consider yourself TAGGED!!


Hootin' Anni said...


You wanted a letter for the 10 favorite things meme...

Your letter is "P"

Let me know when you have your list posted, I'd love to read it.

Happy Friday.

Sharon Kay said...

Hi Elizabeth, I enjoyed this post and feel like I all ready know you. Thanks for the visit to my little cottage. I hope you are all settled in and rested from your move across country. I am now a follower of your. Sharon K

Yolanda said...

I did something similar on my blog today. I loved getting to know you.

Sandra said...

I've done this one before, it was fun reading your list and getting to know you better :)

Raggedy Girl said...

Thank you for stopping by. I love visiting other bloggers. Your post was really cute. And I like Barry Manillow too!
Roberta Anne

Mickle in NZ said...

Hello dear Elizabeth - have a good cup of coffee for me, my insides no longer like it.

I do love spiced tea - marsala chai style, especially those that include a little black or cayenne pepper. Yes, of course I'm daft!

Huggles and care, Michelle (Zebbycat is asleep - hooray)

debbie said...

Hello Elizabeth,
Thanks for is always neat to see what people have to say about themselves.
Enjoy your blog